Frequently Asked Questions

Does my contact details are shares ?

No contact details are shared publicly. Only the buyer number is shares with the Seller if the request is approved.

What details are used from Facebook Login and Google Login?

Email Address and account id are used from Facebook and Google Login

How to Create Post for selling books ?

  • Log in to Website
  • Go to Books Giveaway section
  • Create a request with details
    • Enter School / Board / University / Class
    • Put short description about the books
    • Add photo to clearly state the condition of books
    • Put the pick up location of the books
    • Enter if you expect some amount for the books
  • Your contact details will not be shared
  • After submitting the request, interested people will responde with comments
  • You can Accept Any Request
  • Once request is accepted, you can see the contact details of the other party
  • Connect with Accepted Party and complete the Exchange

How to Get books ?

  • Log in to Website
  • Go to Search Books section
  • Search for posts in your city, locality.
  • You can see the posts entered for schools in selected area
  • Check the suitable entry considering pick up location, condition of books and price offered
  • Put your comments.
  • Enter valid contact details as this will be shared with the seller.
  • You can not contact seller until your request is Accepted.
  • Once request is accepted, seller will contact you
  • Connect with Seller Party and complete the Exchange